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Gametize Professional Gamification Designer Certification
Gametize Academy - Gamification Designer Professional Certificate Program
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Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certification

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The door opens on  5th and 8th July 2024, Friday & Monday

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In this certification program, we will cover

The lessons I learned have been invaluable in my role and helped me create innovative solutions for my organization. I recommend the Gametize certification to anyone looking to enhance professional development and gain a competitive edge in the industry. The investment in time and effort is well worth it, as the rewards are tangible and long-lasting.

Aishah Mohamed Yusoff,
UPM School of Business and Economics

Who is this for


Human Capital Management


Talent Development


Learning and Development


Training and Education




Consumer Studies


Community Outreach


Public Service/ Policy


Research and Development


Product and Project Management

How does our Certification differ?

Gametize Gamification Designer: Professional Certificate

This is a unique certified certification program for gamification by gamification-led; Gametize.
It is also  co-certified by one of the renowned Malaysia Universities, UPM (additional fees apply)  and it is accredited and claimable by HrD Corporation (HRD-Corp).
Certified by Gametize UPM HrDCorp
Gametize UPM Gamification Certification
Gametize HRDCorp Gamification Claimable

Certified by Gametize | Co-Certified & Endorsed by UPM | HRD Corp Claimable

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Meet our Facilitators

Your incredible journey into gamification begins here, with us, and with the support of our community of experts.

By getting yourself certified with Gametize Academy, you will not only benefit from the use of all our tools, our planning methodology, our platform and our in-house technical experts, you will also have access to our community of experts through our Gametize Expert Series program.


At every scheduled course, Gametize will work with some of these experts to provide guidance, mentoring and even present case studies.


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